See your enemies driven before you

And hear the lamentations of their women!

That’s right, the bunny is finally laddering in SC2! I’ve been playing through the practice league and I’m getting quite a few wins under my belt. I’m not sure where I’ll be placed (probably bronze) but I’m having a blast doing it. Its a hell of a thing trying to get into SC2. Its surprisingly intimidating and I was more than a little nervous the first time I queued up for a 1v1 quick match. It was that nervous excitement that starts as butterflies in your stomach and accelerates until your heart is pounding.

I lost hard that first game, but strangely it wasn’t disappointing. My opponent was polite and went through the standard SC2 etiquette. He returned my “glhf” with an enthusiastic and oddly comforting “good luck :D” and didn’t gloat at all when it came time for me to GG. It was a loss, but it was an encouraging one. I had taken the plunge that I had been avoiding for so long and lost my very first match, but it wasn’t humiliating. I went over the replay from the match and it became apparent exactly why I had lost. I dove back in and my next two matches were completely different.

I was not only winning, I was dominating. My brave little zerglings gave their lives valiantly for the swarm. My roaches and hydralisks mowed down the Terran forces and sent them fleeing to the island, only to be shot down by my corrupters. I tasted blood and I liked it. Soon I had a 3 match winning spree going and I was literally squealing like a little girl every time I saw my opponent put up those two beautiful letters: GG